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Community Project Requirements

CIEE USA High School students are required to complete 16 hours of service during their year in the United States. CIEE Grant Students are required to complete 20 hours because they are in the U.S. on a scholarship. Students must complete all forms and essays and send them to CIEE before they return home. Please note that students’ Certificates of Completion could be held if community project requirements are not fulfilled by the following deadlines:

  • USA High School students need to submit their forms and essays by Monday, June 1st. Please remind your student to submit their written essay about their community service project by June 1st to communityproject@ciee.org. Visit our community service projects page for more information.
  • Grants students need to submit forms and essays by Thursday, April 30th. CBE, FLEX, and YES are required to complete 20 service hours for the year; A-SMYLE students are required to complete 30 hours of service.

Supervisor’s Community Project Evaluation Forms can be found here on the CIEE website.


Community service