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Bringing Your Exchange Student to the Airport

Please make sure to bring your student to the airport for his/her return flight and to help them check in AT LEAST 3 HOURS ahead of time in order to allow ample time for your student to check in, go through security, and board his/her flight. Do NOT put a student on the plane without his/her luggage! If your student has a cell phone, please make sure they have the charger with them in their carry-on luggage and that their cell phone is fully charged in case of emergencies, flight delays or cancelations. Also please make sure your student has extra money in order to pay for extra baggage fees, snacks and meals at the airport, or any other unexpected expenses while en-route to their home country. Lastly, please make sure to tell your student to contact CIEE at 1-800-448-9944 if they have any flight issues or cancelations during their return trip home.