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Final School Transcripts and Convalidation

Please note that depending on your student’s home country and its specific school requirements, your student may need to convalidate his/her US high school grades. Convalidation is the process that exchange students use to translate their US grades and transfer credit for their high schools abroad. Generally, this process involves sending an official school transcript to an appropriate government agency (Secretary of State or consulate) to receive a seal of validation, which certifies the grades as authentic. The convalidation process is different for every country and not all countries require it – please visit the Convalidation page to find out if your student’s home country requires convalidation and for country-specific instructions. Please note that for Italian students, this requirement depends on their school in Italy. Students from Italy will have to check with their schools back home first to ensure that their school documents will indeed need to go through the Secretary of State and Italian Consulate. Also as a reminder, the convalidation process is the student’s responsibility.