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10 Things To Know When Hosting A Student From...

Greetings, host families! CIEE hopes that you are having an excellent start to your hosting experience thus far. We greatly appreciate your decision to be an essential part of our students’ exchange year. This experience will be both insightful, educational, and life changing for both you and your exchange student. We realize that with the exchange of cultures comes the exchange of ideas, values, and habits native to one’s home country. We also realize that this exchange may pose questions for host families around the country should they notice habits, speech, or reactions different from their own.

CIEE’s Support Team has collaborated to create 5 fun and educational videos for families hosting students from China, Spain, South Korea, Italy, and Germany. All member of our Support Team have experience living or studying abroad, and have worked closely with students from the selected countries. Videos can be viewed through our Local Coordinator Resource Center, which includes an online collection of educational resources. For your convenience, these videos may also be found by clicking on the links below.

10 Things to Know When Hosting a Student from…


South Korea




You may register to watch each video by completing the required fields and clicking the “register” button. We hope that videos will assist with helping both you and your exchange student experience a smooth transition into this exchange year. As always, please contact either your Local Coordinator or our Support Staff (1-800-448-9944) with any questions or concerns. Happy watching!