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Help your student win a GoPro and $200 to Amazon!


The My American Photo Hunt contest, our first contest of the year, has been open for about a week, and we've received some great photos of students with their host families - looks like everyone is having a great year so far! 

Be sure to encourage your students to participate, and even offer to help them out! By helping your student to get involved with you (their hosts!), their school and community, you’ll help them to make memories that will last a lifetime.

How students can enter:

  • Download the My American Photo Hunt checklist from our contest page. Encourage them to use this as a guide to keep track of the photos they’ve taken and points earned.
  • Help your student to capture the photos! There are some great photo opportunities to take as a family! Check out the gallery for inspiration. 
  • Remind students to upload their photos to our contest page to enter the contest.
  • The student who has the most points at the end of the contest will win a GoPro camera, and a $200 gift card to Amazon. 

The contest ends October 1, so start photo hunting today – the My American Photo Hunt adventure awaits!