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Meet the Hardin Family from Indiana!

Hardin Family HFOTM 2015

Above: The Hardin family with their host daughter Jenny from Italy and two other CIEE exchange students on a family vacation to Las Vegas.

CIEE: How did you first decide to Host with CIEE, and how long have you been a host family?

Hardin Family: We have been a host family for two years.   Although we have always been interested in other cultures, our original contact with CIEE was when we found out that some CIEE students were coming [and needed host families].   We saw this as a wonderful opportunity.

CIEE: What do you enjoy most about hosting CIEE students?

Hardin Family: We so enjoy introducing the students to America.  We like to share in their learning about the American language, its cultures, and its traditions as well as sharing their joy in discovering American history, sightseeing its many marvels, observing natural wonders, and touring its cities.   We also look forward to getting to know other exchange students through CIEE, and learning about their respective countries, cultures, histories, and traditions.   Through get-togethers, trips and the kids hanging out together we often get to know several exchange students very well.  They are eager, bright, and fun to be around.

CIEE: What do you like to do with your student?

Hardin Family: Daily life is so much more interesting with an exchange student.    Things that are mundane or repetitive suddenly have a new twist or angle.   We also like to travel with our exchange students.   It is just marvelous to share in their new discoveries!

CIEE: What was one of your favorite memories from hosting?

Hardin Family: Picking one memory is so difficult because we have had so many with our student as well as other exchange students.     From picking the student up at the airport, meeting them for the first time, and experiencing with them their first impressions of America to holidays, birthdays, vacations, school experiences and then sending them home on a plane to their natural parents, the whole time is like an exciting odyssey!   That said, one recent and fantastic memory was made when Jenny's family from Italy came to visit us.    This included her mother, her grandmother and cousin.   They wanted to make us lasagna, REAL lasagna, making the pasta from scratch, explaining how it is done, and visiting with us all afternoon.   It was an amazing and unforgettable experience!

 CIEE: What would you say your student likes best about their experience so far?

Hardin Family: I think that the students enjoy living with their host families and learning the differences between the cultures.   Sightseeing is also a highlight, whether near or far, there is always something new to learn and experience.  

USA High School Potluck at the CIEE

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On Thursday, March 26th there was a potluck with USA High School students, host families, Local Coordinators and staff from the New England area at the CIEE headquarters in Portland, ME. This is an annual event organized by the CIEE Support Department  and is a wonderful opportunity to get together with our students and host families in the area to share stories, delicious food, and get to know each other better!

This year was a lot of fun! The food was delicious and we all participated in group activities and story-sharing sessions. We love learning more about our host families and students and hearing stories of their experience with cultural exchange the USA High School Program!

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We want to thank all of the host families, Local Coordinators and students for making the journey to Portland, ME on Thursday to spend time with us. We appreciate all that you do!  

Holiday Travel

This is a friendly reminder that with the holidays nearing, your student may request to travel with family from home or ask their family to come to the US for Christmas.  Though we understand the challenges of spending holidays away from home for the first time, we want our students to take this opportunity to experience American holidays with their host family and in their community. 

As a reminder, CIEE has a travel policy for 10-month J-1 students where visits with family from home are only allowed after January 1st .  Our semester students are not allowed to receive visits from home while on the program.  For a complete list of CIEE J-1 program rules, please click on the following link:


If you have any questions about our travel policy, please don’t hesitate to contact either your Local Coordinator or Support Coordinator at 1800-448-9944.