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Your turn - High School Outbound

As we approach the New Year, it’s only natural to reflect on the recent past and to plan for the year ahead. Looking back, you’re sure to point with pride to the amazing cultural experience of bringing an exchange student into your home and your community. Looking ahead, perhaps you’ve wondered how you might provide a similar experience for your own children.

CIEE can help. We offer American high school students a range of exciting study abroad programs that blend fun, education, and service to create a summer to remember. And the host families in our vast network around the world are excited to take in students just like yours and provide an unforgettable intercultural experience.

We’re delighted to make a special offer to children of host families like yours – a $1,000 discount on CIEE programs! These savings can be combined with any Global Navigator Scholarship or CIEE grants that your child might receive.

As you’ve seen firsthand, traveling abroad is a great way practice valuable language skills, broaden horizons, and gain exposure to different ways of life.

So think ahead to late 2016. You’re looking back on the wonderful study abroad experience your teen enjoyed over the summer. Now just imagine how that opportunity has shaped their future.

Your family is already a wonderful part of the CIEE story. We’re excited to help expand your teen’s part in it! Reach us today at hsabroad@ciee.org to find out how.


Travel over the holidays



Dear Host Families,

We hope you are enjoying this Fall season with your new son or daughter!  As the holidays are nearing, your student may request to travel with family from home or ask their family to come to the US for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Though we understand the challenges of spending holidays away from home for the first time, we want our students to take this opportunity to experience American holidays with your family and in your community.  CIEE has a travel policy for 10-month J-1 students where visits with family from home are only allowed after January 1st .  Our semester students are not allowed to receive visits from home while on the program.  For a complete list of CIEE J-1 program rules, please click on the following link:



If you have any questions about our travel policy, please don’t hesitate to speak with your Local Coordinator or call CIEE at 1-800-448-9944 and ask to speak with the Support Department.  We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for hosting our students this year and wish you a happy upcoming holiday season.

Best wishes,

The Support Department